Blast Away Launcher

The Blast Away Launcher is an absolute blast

Blast Off To The Moon

The Blast Away Launcher is a hands-on science activity that is educational, affordable and totally reusable, offering hours of awesome fun! 

Converting empty 2-liter plastic soda bottles into high-flying rockets is a blast!  It also teaches students important scientific principles such as Newton’s laws, acceleration, thrust and inertia … and 100% compatible with the nationally recognized    4-H Rockets Away Curriculum, available at: http.//

The Blast Away Launcher uses 100 psi of air pressure to propel a 2-liter pop bottle over 200 feet into the air. You control blast off by adjusting how much air and water you use in the bottle. If you add more water you can make your rocket go even higher! By experimenting, you can develop the ultimate launch!

We offer three styles of launchers at Blast Away Launcher. One with a built in air pressure gauge and one without the gauge. Our third one is mounted to a wood base set at a 60 degree angle. We offer this Launcher fully assembled or in a kit that can easily be assembled with a phillips head screwdriver and a pair of pliers as the holes are pre drilled.

Our innovative latch system securely holds the pressurized rocket in place until the  12 foot pull cord is pulled  enabling the launch person to stand a safe distance away from the rocket. The base is pinned down for added safety while the safety pin catch and stable base with low-effort release all add to your security.  The Wood Base Rocket Launcher uses a foot petal to launch the rocket.

The Blast Away Launchers are totally portable and can be taken anywhere! Our launchers are designed to use up to 100 psi of pressure. Pressurize your rockets with an ordinary bicycle pump and you can launch your rockets again and again!

The Rockets Away Launcher comes FULLY ASSEMBLED and ready to use. Parts are made of injection moulded ABS plastic.  Minimum Age Recommendation is  9+ Years Old.   Adult supervision recommended for younger children.

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With a Gauge $ 64.95 plus S/H



Disassembled Wood Base Launcher
$ 54.95 plus S/H



Launcher and plans $28.00 plus S/H



Without a Gauge $ 49.95 plus S/H



Fully Assembled Wood Base Launcher
$ 74.95 plus S/H